So I had just gotten done with a long day of school and yard work, and I was ready to knock out for the night. I had drowsily brushed my teeth, and changed into some shorts. I staggered over to my bed which was just such a beautiful sight to see. As I started falling towards my pillow I see it. A big brown recluse just sitting on my pillow, staring at me. Then with the reflexes of spider-man, (the only good thing a spider has ever produced), I stopped myself. Now entirely awake and freaking out, I hit it with the blanket, which was terrible because it just went in between my bed and the wall. So I pulled out my bed from the wall, and got some bug spray and sprayed it and watched it run away. And I thought why isn’t it dying? So I followed it, spraying it some more. And on the fourth blast or so it finally fell backwards after lifting up looking like it was still trying to get to me. Then I stomped on him just to be sure. I then sprayed every possible edge and corner of my room the window seal the corners the cracks, the entire door frame. I didn’t care at that point that what I was doing was really bad for me I just wanted all of the spiders in the world to die. I didn’t think there were green spider repellent solutions. I had to then leave my room for a while a bit shaken up to let it air out. Then I went back in and had one of the worst night’s sleep of my life. All my dreams were even infested with spiders. It’s a good thing we don’t have any pets because that would be terrible for them. I knew then that what I needed was pest control. They would keep these things out for a year and that was worth the price, because it was the price of peace of mind. Which I could have had if I had used green spider repellents. Which I could have had if I had used green spider repellents. There are so many helpful things you can do. (see infographic below). It helps a lot if you will keep your house tidier and keep furniture away from walls. This way they have less places to build webs and reproduce. You can also take the peels of lemons or oranges that you weren’t going to use and rub them on window seals, and door posts, this will help prevent them from coming in. Spiders also don’t like cedar mulch, if you don’t mind the smell of mulch you can place it around your home, or even in your home in potted plant. Also if you don’t mind cats they love to hunt spiders. They will stalk them to their heart’s content, unless you have a lazy cat. You can also always call us at Marietta Pest Control for your green spider repellent and exterminator needs, and we will come take care of it.

Green Spider Repellent
Green spider repellent

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